Guy du Plessis  

Philosophical Counselling

I am a philosophical  counsellor certified as a Logic-Based Therapist by the Logic-based Therapy and Consulting Institute which is part of the National Philosophical Counselling Association (NPCA). 

According to the Preamble of the NPCA Standards of Practice, "a philosophical practitioner helps clients to clarify, articulate, explore and comprehend philosophical aspects of their belief systems or world views."

My primary methodology is Logic-Based Therapy, but I also employ other philosophical practice methods, for example Socratic Dialogue, Philosophical Contemplation & Bibliotherapy. My personal approach is significantly informed by the philosophy of Stoicism, the work of existential philosophers (Nietzsche, Heidegger, Kierkegaard, & Camus) and existential psychologists (Frankl, Boss & Yalom). 

I do not op for providing optimistic or 'spiritual' platitudes for my clients, but rather assist them in finding constructive ways to accept and work within the limitations of their existential givens. I help my clients analyse and reconstruct their world-views to authentically align with their particular circumstances and vision for their future.

Download my article, An Existential Perspective on Addiction: A Logic-Based Therapy Case Study, for more information about the epistemological foundations and methodology of logic-based therapy.

Visit the Applied Philosophy Academy website.


My Personal Philosophy Library

Here is a link to my philosophy book collection in my personal library (Library Cat Database), which my clients can peruse to explore philosophical literature to be used for bibliotherapy. 

Each book is linked to the Library Thing Database which provides reviews and some background information of the book and author.