Guy du Plessis  

Philosophical Counselling

I am a philosophical  counsellor certified as a Logic-Based Therapist by the Logic-based Therapy and Consulting Institute which is part of the National Philosophical Counselling Association (NPCA). 

According to the Preamble of the NPCA Standards of Practice, "a philosophical practitioner helps clients to clarify, articulate, explore and comprehend philosophical aspects of their belief systems or world views."

My primary methodology is Logic-Based Therapy, but I also employ other philosophical practice methods, for example Socratic Dialogue, Philosophical Contemplation & Bibliotherapy. 

As part of a world-view analysis and restructuring process I teach  Wilberian integral metatheory which is a psychoactive worldview, in the sense that it can profoundly alter one's being-in-the-world by providing an overarching conceptual framework that allows for the integration of a multitude of epistemological orientations. Integral metatheory can be understood as providing "bigger headlights" when exploring any phenomenon whether personal or academic.    

My approach is further informed by the philosophy of Stoicism, Virtue Ethics, the work of existential philosophers (Nietzsche, Heidegger, Kierkegaard, & Camus) and existential psychologists (Frankl, Boss & Yalom). 

Philosophy for Recovery

I have observed that the study of philosophy can profoundly enrich the recovery process for individuals in addiction recovery. The 12 Step program can be understood as fundamentally a philosophically-oriented way of life and transformative practice, and its suppositions correlates with many philosophical notions and schools of thought (for example virtue ethics, existentialism, phenomenology, Smuts' theory of freedom). 

Therefore the study of philosophy adds further depth to 12 Step practice and aids in personal development. Moreover, the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous were significantly influenced by philosophical ideas, for example, William James's pragmatism. 

I assist individuals in recovery to explore philosophical paths of their choosing. As influenced by pragmatism 12 Step philosophy promotes a pluralistic approach to existential concerns.  

Download my article, An Existential Perspective on Addiction: A Logic-Based Therapy Case Study, as an example of the application of logic-based therapy.

Moreover, this article highlights the value philosophical counselling has for addiction treatment and recovery coaching. 

Visit the Applied Philosophy Academy website.


My Personal Philosophy Library

Here is a link to my philosophy book collection in my personal library (Library Cat Database), which my clients can peruse to explore philosophical literature to be used in bibliotherapy. 

Each book is linked to the Library Thing Database which provides reviews and some background information of the book and author.